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Hair by Nassi Salon In Scottsdale, AZ


  • Master hair colorist since 1993
  • Specialist in Blonde Hair Color
  • Platinum Blonde Hair
  • Master Bleaching & Tinting Without Any Breakage
  • Funky Hair Colors of all types – Purple, Pink, Blue, Green, Multi-Color
  • Specialist in Red Hair Color
  • Transitions From Dark To Light (Brown to Blonde)
  • Master Grey/Silver Hair Color Specialist
  • Ombre Hair Color

Hair Coloring Services 

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Hair by Nassi offers the following hair coloring services, including:

  • Haircut & Color
  • Full Color
  • Bleach & Toner
  • Ombre
  • Balayage
  • Subtle Ombre
  • Reverse Ombre
  • Root Retouch
  • Vivid Colors
  • Color Correction
  • Mens Hair Color
  • Toner Only

Hair Highlight Services

(Hair Highlights, Hair Highlights Near Me)

Hair by Nassi offers the following hair highlight services, including:

  • Color & Partial Highlights
  • Color & Full Highlights
  • Mini Highlights
  • Partial Highlights
  • Full Highlights
  • Full Weave Highlights
  • Underlights

Ombré Hair Color

(Ombré Hair Color, Ombré Hair Color Near Me)

Ombré is one of the most popular hair color services requested in Scottsdale, Arizona! Ombré hair color is hair color that gradually fades from light to dark color (Reverse Ombré) or from dark to light color (Traditional Ombré).

Settle Ombré or Sombré  is a “subtle” Ombré hair color where there is less of a fade from dark to light. With a Sombré hair color the lighter sections of your hair will start a little higher and the lower sections of your hair will have ribbons of dark color to create a gradual transition.

Vivid Color Ombré is a type of Ombré hair color that fades into vivid colors like purple, pink, bright red and more.

Reverse Ombré is the oposite of traditional Ombré where the color goes from light to dark instead of dark to light.

Balayage Hair Highlights

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  • Balayage on black hair
  • Balayage on short hair
  • Balayage on light brown hair
  • Balayage on curly hair
  • Balayage on dark brown hair
  • Balayage on blonde hair
  • Balayage on Red hair
  • and more

Hair Color Correction

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Searching for hair color correction to fix your current hair color because it didn’t come out like you expected or used boxed hair dye? I am a color correction specialist that can help you achieve the exact hair color you want using only the safest, gentlest and most effective methods of hair color correction. Visit our hair salon today.

Haircut & Color

(Haircut & Color, Haircut & Color Near Me)

  • Women’s haircut and color
  • Men’s haircut and color
  • Kid’s haircut and color
  • Haircut & Color
  • Haircut & Partial Highlights
  • Haircut & Full Highlights
  • Haircut, Color & Partial Highlights
  • Haircut, Color & Full Highlights

Master Bleaching & Tinting Without Any Breakage

I use Wella, Redken, Schwarzkopf & Matrix hair color lines. Choosing the right hair color for you all depends on your hair texture and condition. I will choose which professional hair color will work with your natural hair the best.

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