If you are searching for ombre hair color or ombre hair color near me in Scottsdale or Mesa, Hair By Nassi Can Help!

Ombré is one of the most popular hair color services requested in Scottsdale, Arizona! Ombré hair color is hair color that gradually fades from light to dark color (Reverse Ombré) or from dark to light color (Traditional Ombré).

Settle Ombré or Sombré  is a “subtle” Ombré hair color where there is less of a fade from dark to light. With a Sombré hair color the lighter sections of your hair will start a little higher and the lower sections of your hair will have ribbons of dark color to create a gradual transition.

Vivid Color Ombré is a type of Ombré hair color that fades into vivid colors like purple, pink, bright red and more.

Reverse Ombré is the oposite of traditional Ombré where the color goes from light to dark instead of dark to light.

Hair By Nassi offers ombre hair coloring services at our Hair Salon In Scottsdale and our Hair Salon In Mesa.