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Certified Hair Extensions MasterHair Extensions are the perfect choice for adding style, hair fullness, extra length, volume. Always a better alternative to chemical highlights.

Nassi Morgan, has a variety of ideas and techniques and colors, lengths, and textures, providing an endless number of creative solutions. They can also be styled just like your regular hair. Contact the experts at Hair By Nassi today to learn more about our natural hair extension products and techniques.


Certified Babe Hair Extensions

Babe hair extensions are 100% human hair that is being used by many stylists and salons all over the world. They bring a radiant yet smooth texture without using coatings like silicone. No heat, chemicals or glues are used to attach babe hair extensions resulting in no damage or mess to your natural hair. Learn more about Babe

DreamCatchers Hair Extensions

Certified DreamCatchers Hair Extensions Stylist

DreamCatchers hair extensions aren’t your ordinary hair extensions. They can be colored, permed and styled exactly like your natural hair. DreamCatchers offers over 30 different blends and colors to create any style or look you want. Learn more about DreamCatchers

Certified Hot Heads Hair Extensions

Hotheads™ are 100% Remy human hair extensions that are applied in under one hour. Add length, volume, or color affects with no damage to your real hair. Learn more about Hot Heads

Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are the cheapest to install vs. other types of hair extension installation methods. Tape in extensions take less time to install and that’s what makes the costs lower. Reasons to install tape in hair extensions include: Tape in hair extensions cost less to install, they require less maintenance, they are the least damaging, they are reusable and are invisible and flexible. Learn more about tape in hair extensions

Sewn In Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions refers to hair extensions that have been sewn in or wefted to create a bundle or hair extensions. They are usually reinforced with stitching near the root or top of the hair to hold them together. Individual hair is sewn together in the same direction to create natural looking hair.

Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Beaded weft extensions combine coverage and density of sew-in weave with the strength of i-tip extensions. No gluing, braiding or sewing is need for installing these extensions. They are installed using beads.

I-Tip Hair Extensions

I-Tip Hair Extension Benefits

  • No damage or breakage if installs correctly
  • No chemicals
  • No glues or adhesive
  • No Heat Required
  • Proper weight distribution
  • No Heat,  or chemicals are required
  • Connection base lays completely flat to the head and is totally flexible
  • Can be put it in a bon or up without pulling hair or any irritation
  • Can be use variety color to blend to your natural hair
  • This technique is a great Choice for adding length, volume and color

What Are I-Tip Hair Extensions?

I-Tip hair extensions, also known as Micro ring or beaded hair extensions, is a technique of fitting or installing hair strands using small beads that attach to the hair near the root. They call them I-tip because all of hair strands are help together with a single shoestring like tip. 1 I-Tip usually consists of 20 strands of hair. It usually takes about 100-180 strands to cover a full head.

I-tip hair extensions are considered of the safest and most practical hair extension installation methods as long as they are fitted properly by a certified and experienced extension specialist. They usually do not cause damage to your natural hair.

How Are Beaded Hair Extensions Installed?

I-tip/Stick tip or micro ring hair extensions are fitted by taking a small section of an individual’s hair and threading it into the extension hair by using a pulling needle, and then securing the bead to your natural hair with bead closure pliers.

In order not to have any irritation or pain, the sections have to follow the individual’s hair pattern while also being careful not to install too much hair in individual sections.

Shrinkies (Shrink Link) Hair Extensions

Shrinkies or shrink link hair extensions are a type of hair extensions that are installed using a keratin protein plastic tube. The individual extensions slide into plastic shrinkies at the top of the hair and then a fusion iron is used to apply heat and bond the extensions to the natural hair. Shrinkies are one of the most undetectable hair extensions are great for blonde hair.

Evolve Hair Volumizer

Evolve Hair VolumizerThe Evolve Volumizer is the Solution for your hair loss or thinning hair!!!

Boost your confidence with this wearable solution for hair loss and thinning hair. The Evolve hair volumizer is a unique with its lightweight, comfortable, and self-molding poly-mesh construction. It allows the scalp to breathe, doesn’t trap or hold water, and causes no damage to existing hair. Check out the video HERE to learn more. Learn more about Evolve Hair Volumizer

  • Non-damaging
  • Non-invasive
  • No chemicals
  • No glue or adhesives

Hair Extensions FAQ

Why Do Hair Extensions Get Matted?

Hair extension matting happens for 2 reasons:

  • Low quality hair extensions
  • Your extensions have been damaged

Hair Extensions start to matt when hair cuticles are either raised, damaged or have been destroyed altogether.

Think of cuticles as fish scales or tiles, they overlap and flow in one direction.

When the cuticles become dry or damaged, they lift up in the opposite direction, even once the hair is brushed to smooth out, they get caught or tangled and that is why some find it difficult to keep the hair smooth.

Typically,  if you purchased poor quality hair extensions to start with, the cuticles are usually removed during the manufacturing process, making the hair extensions more prone to matt.

I suggest to buy the highest quality Hair Extensions because they will be easier to deal with and will last much longer.

What Is The Difference Between High Quality &  Low Quality Hair Extensions?

High quality hair extensions will stay smoother, be easier to manage and will last a lot longer. Low quality hair extensions will matt faster, take longer to maintenance and wear out quicker.

What are Remy Hair Extensions?

Remy hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extensions in the industry due to their affordable price and exceptional quality. With Remy hair extensions, all of the hair strands or hair cuticles follow the same direction to prevent matting or tangling. The way Remy hair is collected ensures all of the hair strands stay aligned in a natural direction like your natural hair.

Can I Go Swimming With Hair Extensions?

Yes you can go swimming with hair extensions but if you do you should braid the hair into 2 braids to avoid getting the hair wet if possible. You can get your hair extensions wet depending on the quality. Lower quality hair extensions will become tangled and harder to brush after swimming.

Can I Dye My Hair Extensions?

Yes you can dye hair extensions. Although, I don’t recommend dye for hair extensions because it can damage them. However, if you do decide to get your hair extensions colored, I recommend doing it before color matching to match your hair perfectly.

Is It Ok To Wear Hair Extensions At The Gym Or During Sweating?

Yes, you can wear your hair extensions at the gym or when you sweat. Just make sure that you keep up with hair extension tightening and maintenance.

Do Hair Extensions Shed?

It’s normal to experience a small amount of shedding from the hair extensions. Provided that you take correct care of them you should experience only very little shedding. You will notice that the extensions will shed more as time passes, which is completely normal. The first signs of shedding are indications that you will need a new hair extensions pretty soon. If you experiencing excessively too soon , it usually means that some part or all parts of home care guidance have not been followed properly.

Can I Color My Roots While Wearing Hair Extensions?

Yes, you can continue to get your roots done while wearing hair extensions.  Your colorist simply has to work around the connections of the extensions and make sure not to color over the bonds or the extensions.

What Are The Best Hair Extensions?

Remy hair extensions are the best hair extensions because they are natural human hair, tangle less often and last longer than any other type of hair extensions.

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