Permanent Hair Straightening Pros and Cons
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Permanent Hair Straightening Pros and Cons

In a lot of cultures throughout the world, a woman’s hair is considered a sign of attractiveness and elegance. Because of this many women go to a great deal of trouble to guarantee that their hair looks absolutely spectacular. Straight hair is very attractive; it shouts order and immaculate beauty. In reality, however, is that not every woman has straight hair naturally the good news is there are man-made ways of permanently straightening their hair. Below are permanent hair straightening pros and cons that you need to consider before getting your hair permanently straightened.

1. Pro: Cheapest of Salon Choices and the Least Time Consuming

Permanent straightening at a salon is the less costly of the salon choices for getting results, and the least time-consuming.

1. Con: Harms Hair Follicles

Perms work by harming your hair follicles so they cannot hold their natural shape.

2. Pro: Can Last up to Six Months and Looks Like Soft Waves

It lasts for up to six months, and as untreated hair grows in, the bulk of the treated hair underneath it may mean it grows in making it look like wave like.

2. Con: Unable to Color-Treat or Wear it Curly

After getting a perm, you may not color-treat or se alter your hair, and you can’t wear it curly, even if you wanted to.

3. Pro: Safer Than Other Hair Procedures

The most noteworthy advantage of permanent hair straightening is it safe for the hair. You don’t have to worry about your hair breaking or falling out, unlike other hair treatments.

3. Con: Harmful to Hair and Harmful Chemicals are Used

Split ends, breakage, and hair loss may happen. You are also exposing your body to harmful chemicals throughout the perm procedure.

4. Pro: Smoother Hair

The method also enhances the smoothness of your hair and gives it a silky-smooth look. No doubt this is one quality that quite a lot of women want. Lustrous hair is very appealing and is sure to draw a couple of looks wherever you go.

4. Con: You Need A Trained Stylist

To get complete success using this treatment, you need to get a highly-skilled stylist to do it. Putting it mildly, this isn’t the kind of treatment that may be done by any other home-experienced, self-defined hair professional. There is good news though, nevertheless, is there are a lot of highly skilled people who may do a great job concerning this treatment.

5. Pro: Keratin Occurs Naturally

A typical method of straightening hair includes applying keratin to the hair; this is commonly called keratin hair straightening treatments. The good thing about this treatment is it is highly effective. Also, there are no sprays, gels, etc. that are used in this treatment, so you won’t have to be concerned about harsh chemicals harming your scalp.

5. Con: Permanently Changes your Hair Texture

The chemicals that are used in permanent hair straightening may change the texture of your hair forever. No type of hair care products and hair treatments may help you get back your natural hair locks. The only option you have, would be to completely grow out your natural hair.

6. Pro: No Worrying About Your Hair

It is a long-term answer, so you won’t have to worry about your hair for some time.

6. Con: Needs Lots of Care

There is a great deal of care that you must give to your hair following the treatment. You can’t tie your hair up or wash it in any way for at least 72 hours following the treatment.

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