Keratin Hair Straightening Cost
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How Much Does Keratin Hair Straightening Cost?

Keratin Hair straightening costs $350 and upwards based on the hair length and how much product is being used with average prices ranging from $250 to $450 according to YellowPages.

Allure states, that you should expect to pay upwards of $200 at a salon and to be suspicous of any salon that charges less than $200 because the results can be subpar and can actually damage your hair. You can achieve similar results at home for as little as $10 by using some of the products listed on Best Products. Learn more about how much Keratin hair straightening costs.

What is Keratin Hair Straightening?

The natural protein of your hair, Keratin is also present on our nails and teeth. It keeps our hair shiny and straight. When our hair becomes dry and tangled, we need to replace the protein in our hair – this is known as Brazilian Keratin treatment. Because of this, you will not have to spend time straightening your hair every single day!

Here a few tips if you choose this treatment:

  • Your eyes and skin must be properly protected during the course of this treatment.
  • Avoid repeating these treatments for at least 6-8 months to give your hair a rest.

Learn more about Keratin Treatments.

Hair By Nassi Offers Keratin Hair Straightening Treatments In Mesa & Scottsdale

Hair by Nassi now offers Keratin Hair Straightening, and the updated KCMAX™ Maximum Keratin Smoothing  System in Mesa and Scottsdale, AZ. Hair by Nassi also offers Japanese Hair StraighteningHair Coloring, and permanent hair straightening in Mesa and Scottsdale! You can also find more information about permanent straightening cost and hair highlights cost by reading the blog. Contact us today for a free consultation here or by calling (805) 218-7409.

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