How to Disguise Grey Hair with Highlights
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How to Disguise Grey Hair with Highlights

When clientele start seeing gray hair coming through, they usually pick one of 3 options: enhancing the gray, leaving it how it is or deciding to cover the gray roots. When they are in the latter group and they desire a more natural look, you can in fact use highlights for blending their gray hair, sweeping more brilliant ribbons through locks to mask those silvery meanderers. The outcome? An attractive, seamless finish for salt and pepper tresses; a multi-toned effect that flatters people everywhere, from brunettes to blondes to redheads. Here is how…

Is Gray Hair Able To Be Highlighted?

Indeed, gray hair is able to be highlighted. Just bear in mind that, when you are highlighting gray tresses, the objective is to fuse silver strays and produce an ultra-natural nuance. This can occasionally mean you aren’t applying lightener directly onto each gray hair, but rather lightening the strands surrounding them, which can aid silver pieces to appear indistinguishable.

So, what are the advantages? First and foremost, it means that clientele that adore highlights but want to blend gray hair may get coverage, all without surrendering that desire-worthy, light-reflecting gleam. Integrating gray hair with highlights may also look more organic and youthful than a one shade technique, and make locks seem stockier. In simple terms, the advantages are unlimited.

Should You Color Gray Hair Or Highlight Gray Hair?

The answer to this is subject to the type of coverage and finish the client desires. Are they going for a impede-every-gray-hair result or do they wish to smoothly blend their grays away? Here is how to know at what point you should be going for the tin foil…

Color gray hairs when… your client desires a root shadow that reaches each gray, or they just prefer wearing the same lavish, gleaning shade all throughout their hair. Not everyone wishes for highlights, so a demi permanent, semi permanent or permanent procedure allows them to conceal salt and pepper tresses, at the same time creating a consistent finish.

Highlight gray hairs when… your client already has highlights they want to maintain, or they’re willing to try highlights for their first time in an effort to make silver strays less obvious. Those that want total coverage and highlights might find a double method is best. Meaning root shadow first, followed up by a smattering of multi tonal highlights.

How Do You Merge Gray Hair With Highlights?

Nowadays, there are seemingly limitless ways for the application of highlights. From balayage to baby lights, there is plenty of methods at our disposal – each one providing its own, uniquely flattering result. And, whereas not every method is ideally suited to covering gray hair, many can be adjusted to meet your client’s coveted effect. Here are 4 to try…

1. Conventional Highlights For Gray Hair

Conventional but never boring; classic highlights get applied from root to tip in an even arrangement, then processed in foils to attain a bright, luminous lift. Since they typically start at the root, they enable you to stagger gray regrowth with a couple of lighter pieces, while giving the hair flow and volume. If you are working with blonde highlights, aim for cooler tones, such as ash or icy blonde. That way, they’ll be closer in tone to the organic white, silver, and gray tresses.

2. Balayage For Gray Hair

It’s a misconception that balayage needs to only be swept throughout the mid-lengths and ends of hair. Actually, a couple of strokes beginning at the roots can produce a youthful, bronzed glow. Try to place some brighter pieces through the temples or parting with Blondor Freelights. It’s the go-to tip for clientele with low volumes of gray hair that they desire to blend lightly.

3. Lowlights For Gray Hair

Similar to highlights, lowlights may also be used to conceal gray hair. Actually, they’re ideal for covering gray on brown or red hair for those who are concerned blonde highlights won’t look natural. Strategically place them over gray tresses to add lushness and volume, using a demi permanent color such as Color Touch or – for total coverage – check out permanent Koleston Perfect.

4. Baby Lights For Gray Hair

Micro-fine highlights – more commonly known as baby lights – are perfect for clientele hoping to mask over a small-volume of wisplike grays. They imitate the sun-drenched, natural highlights you used to get on family vacations, and are just intricate enough for blending small, silver tresses away. For coverage on expanded regrowth, you may also paint the baby lights in a row.

Coloring Gray Hair Having Highlights: The Follow Up

Just like all hair that is colored, highlighted grays are required to have follow up nourishing. Make sure clients know precisely how to maintain their highlights looking radiant when leaving the salon.

1. Shook Up Shampoo

Point out that just not any shampoo will do on hair that has highlights. A shampoo that’s developed for colored hair will keep the highlights looking luminous for longer.

2. Try Deeper Treatments

As we age, our scalp creates less oil, in which why gray hair can occasionally feel coarse to the touch. Those who find their hair drier than normal should think about exchanging their conventional conditioner for a mask.

3. Turn The Heat Down

As everyone knows, heat styling could make hair color fade a faster than normal. Nevertheless, not every client wants to hang up their curling iron and/or hair dryer. In cases like that, recommend they use heat protection to protect locks as they style.

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How Much Do Hair Highlights Cost?
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How Much Do Hair Highlights Cost?

On average, hair highlights cost about $105. However, if you plan on getting ombre highlights, babylights, or Balayage highlights, that’s going to cost you around $200. The range for hair color and highlights is from $60 to $230+.

Average hair highlights cost

  • Short hair highlights: $65
  • Long hair highlights: $120
  • Multicolor highlights: additional $30 per shade
  • Partial highlights: $50
  • Full highlights: $90
  • Balayage highlights: $125
  • Pintura highlights: $110
  • Lowlights: $75+
  • Highlights & Lowlights: $75-$300+
  • Ombre highlights: $80 to $200+ according to AngiesList
  • Hair color correction: About $280 on average or $100 an hour plus product cost

Professional salon highlights cost

  • Walmart highlights: $40
  • Supercuts highlights: $40
  • High-end salon highlights: $260

Getting any of these services completed at a high-end salon and you can expect to pay more.

Hair by Nassi Offers Hair Highlights In Scottsdale and Mesa, Arizona

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